Find a Ride

MusGo Rider is proud to serve our rural community by helping clients find a ride where they need to go at an affordable rate.

We provide two types of services to our clients, door to door and event or organization transportation.

Door to door
This is our standard service where you can call ahead and book a time for our driver to come pick you up at your door and take you where you need to go.

Event or organization transportation
Book one of our vehicles to either take you and a group to an event or location and back, or book our services for event you are hosting such as a wedding or get together. It’s a great way to ensure that your guests will have a safe and reliable mode of transportation to get home. This service can be used for weddings, Christmas parties, corporate events, awards nights and more.

MusGo Rider services are divided into two distinct geographical areas: MusGo Rider Eastern Shore and MusGo Rider Valley-Sheet Harbour

MusGo Eastern Shore

The MusGo Eastern Shore service goes as far east as DeBaies Cove and Ship Harbour, west as Lawrencetown and East Preston.


Distance per additional passenger
Up to 15km $7 $5
16-25 km $10 $5
26-35 km $15 $10
36-45 km $20 $10
Over 45 km 70¢/km
Charter up to 200 km $250 for up to 4 hours

Service Hours
Monday to Friday: 7am- 6pm
Saturday: 10am-6 pm
Closed on Sundays and holidays.

​All rides must be pre-booked by at least closing of dispatch the day before your required ride.  Deadheading fees may be charged.

Dispatch Hours
Monday – Friday: 9am – 4pm

MusGo Valley-Sheet Harbour

MusGo Valley-Sheet Harbour service area extends from West Ship Harbour to EcumSecum and the Musquodoboit Valley


Distance per additional passenger
Up to 15km $7 $5
16 -25 km $10 $5
26-35 km $15 $10
36 -45 km $20 $10
Over 45 km $.70 per kilometer
Charter up to 200 km $250 for up to 4 hours All Airport drives are charged $1.05 per km

Service Hours
Monday – Friday: 7am – 6pm
Saturday: 10am – 6pm
​Closed on Sundays and holidays.

Please Note:
​All rides must be pre-booked by at least closing of dispatch the day before your required ride.  Deadheading fees may be charged.

Dispatch Hours
Monday – Friday: 9am – 4pm

Do you or a family member have an appointment for your 1st, 2nd or booster vaccination, but need transportation to get to it? We can help get you there and back home, and our services are available for anyone.

With our varied vehicles, including accessible options, we can take you to your appointment regardless of your mobility. So if you need transportation, contact us today.

A parent/guardian must accompany young riders up to the age of 16.

Booking a ride, in 3 easy steps:
  1. Pre-book your vaccination appointment according to the directions given by the Department of Health.
  2. Call us or text 902-483-7433 or email us at [email protected]

(Please note: Round trip cost is only $5. We require booking at least 24 hours in advance but please call as soon as you get your appointment as we do have a limited capacity and get booked up quickly.

Easily accessible. We’re the Way To Go.
COVID-19 Protocols

We have implemented COVID-19 protocols and procedures to protect everyone’s health and safety. Please ask us at the time you book what current policies are in place.

To book a ride, please contact dispatch during regular business hours to arrange a pick up time, address and destination. Ensure to book your ride at least one day in advance.

MusGo offers three convenient ways to book services. The contact numbers are the same for for both MusGo Eastern Shore and MusGo Valley-Sheet Harbour.

To book a service please use one of the following:

902-483-RIDE (7433)
902-483-RIDE (7433)
[email protected]

Bookings must be received by our dispatch at least one day before service is required.

Extra charges may apply for wait time if the rider wishes the driver to wait at the destination.

Rides must be cancelled at least the day before the ride by closing time for Dispatch.  If cancellation is not received by the day before full fare will be charged.  Example:  Rides booked for a Monday must be cancelled by 4 pm the Friday before, if cancellation not received MusGo Rider Cooperative Ltd. reserves the right to charge full fare.

No eating in the vehicles, unless required by a medical condition.


“I’ve been with MusGo Rider for about four years now. I use their service to get back and forth to work and it’s been a very pleasant experience. Occasionally I do play in a band and we use MusGo Rider to get back and forth from gigs. It’s just an all around great service that I think is a valuable asset to our community.” – Andrew Stevens